Yoga is great for both your body and mind

HOT yoga offers some additional benefits!

Weight Loss

Holding poses in intense heat builds more deep muscle tissue, which burns more stored fat. Hot yoga can really help you lose weight. Your diet will also improve as your body craves healthier food when practicing yoga regularly. If you have any questions or concerns about your weigh please speak to us and we can suggest a yoga plan /diet /detox to suit you.


Sweating is not just your body’s way of cooling you down; it also expels toxins from your system. Allowing your body to sweat regularly is vital in order for the body to get rid of waste, absorb fresh nutrients and rehydrate.

Be prepared to sweat lots in your hot yoga class!

Healthy Connective Tissue

Connective tissue includes your muscles and nervous system. Practicing yoga helps unblock the body’s connective tissue, allowing increased oxygenated blood to reach every inch of your body. Hot yoga enhances this process, allowing your body to extend the stretches more fully, and so renewing and improving the function of your whole being. The process will result in greater flexibility and energy all round.

Boosts Immunity

Viruses don’t survive in high temperatures; so increasing the body’s core temperature helps fight infections. Infections are removed from the body through sweat. Practicing HOT yoga also increases the body’s production of white blood cells, which also fight infection.

Stress Release

The intense focus required in yoga helps to calm and centre the mind, resulting in greater focus and clarity of thought. Learning to pay attention to your breath and how to control it, results in a more composed and relaxed approach to life generally.