About Our Hot Yoga

Our aim is to allow you to escape from the daily routine of life to feel the physical benefits and a sense of all round wellbeing. Our ethos being to help you become a better version of yourself.

We have created a beautiful hot yoga studio for you to come and rejuvenate, get away from the pressures of the day, and spend a little time to indulge.  Enjoy all the benefits of our unique yoga studio experience, whether this be calming the mind, finding some peace, or just for the obvious physical benefits.

Healthy body and healthy mind!


The style is predominantly ashtanga flow; aimed to develop strength and flexibility to become fit – it will not take long to notice the benefits both physically and mentally.  Connecting breath with movement, the practice encourages you to have a more mindful approach to life.   A highly versatile style that will allow you to challenge yourself as much, or as little, as you are comfortable with.  We work with you to achieve the best results for you.

About me

I have loved training in a variety of different forms, spaces and places. I have been fortunate to travel around the world over a number of years visiting retreats and fitness camps, often training to refocus, but basically to feel good and refreshed.

The whole holistic approach to wellbeing has helped me to focus, re-energise and create a better path and make better choices in life, helping me to reconnect back to my authentic self and leaving me feeling refreshed and strong.

It was after one intense training trip that I tried hot yoga. To my surprise, the benefits were just as good, in fact better, but without the vigorous training and the potential for injury to the body.

I then decided this was the path I wanted to follow, so I set out to become a yoga teacher. In addition to being a qualified yoga instructor I am a qualified NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist, life coach and reiki practitioner. I have been attending motivational and wellbeing seminars over many years – the subject of self-help, improvement and holistic therapies has always fascinated me. Having benefited from all these experiences, I dreamt to one day have my own retreat and yoga studio, because all these experiences have had such a profound positive impact on my life.

My husband and I were set in our ways and lived a fast and demanding life, really busy all the time. We decided to let go of everything we had known to pursue this new business venture together.

We very much hope that we can make a similar impact on others who we welcome to our studio.