Yoga Barn Retreat

At the Yoga Barn, we offer both traditional and hot yoga sessions to people of all ages, levels of experience and ability. Our purpose-built studio is fitted with the latest in hot yoga heating equipment.

Hot yoga performed in a warm yet comfortable environment is believed to aid flexibility, increase blood flow and result in more calories burned (approximately 400 per session on average). We also offer traditional yoga performed at a normal room temperature.

Please check the timetable for more details of the classes and times that we offer. We also offer private sessions – please contact us to discuss further.

Set in the beautiful village of Rotherwick, near Hook in Hampshire, the Yoga Barn offers a unique yogic experience nestled in the countryside.

Whether it is to escape from the day-to-day routine, to inject calmness, or to exercise the mind and body, our aim is to provide you with the right environment and practice to meet your aims.

We want to be very clear, yoga is not just for athletic, young and flexible people. Actually, far from it!  Yoga is for everyone, and we welcome people of all ages, experience and ability.

Contact: email us at or call on 07366313907.

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